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We offer a variety of services to suit the needs of our homeowner, commercial and Oil Field Service. We are available for 24 hour service and emergency work and our estimates are FREE of charge.


At Vac Tec Septic, our attentive staff is available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Septic Tank Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs for Your Septic System

Whether your septic system is backed up and you have a real emergency, or you simply require regular septic system maintenance, VAC-TEC professionally trained septic pumping technicians are ready to get the job done. Call us for septic tank cleaning, septic tank repair, drain field maintenance, drain field repair, drain cleaning, pipe video inspection, vacuum truck and eductor truck work, or commercial sewer repair. Potable water service, Portable Restrooms We’re your FIRST CHOICE in professional septic and sewer maintenance and we offer 24/7 emergency septic and emergency sewer service!

Septic System Education

At VAC-TEC LLC. We don’t just limit ourselves to providing top notch, industry leading services. We believe that educating you, our customer about your residential septic system is crucial to long-term septic system health and lower lifetime septic maintenance costs. That’s why we’ve included valuable resources and information maintain a septic system, and much more.

Full Service Septic & Sewer

Whether you have a full septic tank, a damaged drain field or a broken sewer pipe, VAC-TEC LLC. is ready to handle your tough challenge quickly, efficiently and professionally. Call us any time, 24 hours a day to handle your septic problem or sewer issue.

Commercial & Municipal Work

VAC-TEC LLC. is fully equipped to handle nearly any commercial or municipality sewer or drainage issue. Our Team is equipped with all the equipment to provide you with and service whether it is Septic service, porta pottys, or Potable water delivery.

Puyallup Septic Tank Pumping For Property Owners

Does your property use a septic system for processing the waste that gets generated there on daily basis? If so, then you probably know that the septic tank has to be pumped and cleaned at regular intervals.

Septic tank pumping is necessary to remove the sludge buildup in the tank so that it continues receiving more waste, and the septic system goes on working without causing sewage overflows or backups.

Call VAC-TEC LLC if you are looking for professionals to take care of your septic tank pumping needs in Puyallup, WA. Whether you are a new property owner here or are dissatisfied with the work done by the septic tank cleaning company you hired earlier, get in touch with us.

We are known for doing seamless septic tank pumping jobs in Puyallup properties. We:

  • Work fast
  • Pump and clean the tank thoroughly
  • Dispose of the pumped out waste properly
  • Clean up the jobsite before leaving

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Septic Tank Cleaning in Puyallup Prevents Future Problems

Septic tank cleaning is one maintenance task that property owners simply cannot afford to put off to later. Their indifference and failure to make septic tank pumping a priority creates a number of problems.

Bringing us in on-schedule for septic tank cleaning in your Puyallup property saves you from the inconvenience, embarrassment, health issues and, sometimes, even property damage brought on by sewage backing up into the building.

Meanwhile, you should remember that the frequency with which your residential/commercial property needs septic tank pumping is not the same as that of the neighboring property. A general recommendation for septic tank cleaning is every 3 to 5 years, but a more exact interval depends on:

  • Size of septic tank
  • Average amount of water regularly used on the property
  • Number of people living/working on the location

Why Should Puyallup Residents Choose Us for Septic Pumping?

Timely as well as proper septic tank pumping in your Puyallup property is key to preserving efficiency and longevity of the septic system. It is also critical for protecting your comfort and health.

Our quick response and diligent service make us the experts to hire for septic tank cleaning. Other good reasons for choosing us are that we:

  • Offer 24/7 emergency service
  • Have invested in state-of-the-art trucks and equipment
  • Can pump septic systems of any size
  • Adhere to all applicable environmental laws
  • Charge competitive prices, communicated upfront

To schedule a job for septic tank cleaning in your Puyallup property, call VAC-TEC LLC at (253) 777-4887.

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