Cleaning and Locating Your Septic Filter

17 Feb Cleaning and Locating Your Septic Filter

Most septic tank filters are located inside of the baffle of the tank. For this reason the filters are very important, since they help regulate the flow to the area of drainage.  The septic tank filters are very important in situations where waste is actually being delivered from the septic tank to the drainage area. If the filter is not working or if there is not a filter at all, the waste can actually plug up the drainage, or this can also happen  if the septic tank filter is not cleaned. The waste can actually cut the flow of water into the drainage. Follow these simple instructions so you can learn how to clean a septic tank filter.
Tools needed:

– Screw driver
– Hose
– Gloves

Step 1 Removing The Lid

Most septic tanks have an access lid. This lid needs to be removed in order for you to get close to the filter. You need to use a screw driver in order to be able to get to the septic tank filter. This lid has been used in order to keep children away and to avoid any accidents. It is a good idea to put up an orange safety cone, or a sign, if you have any doubts that people will stay away.

Step 2 Removing The Filter

Remember that the septic tank is full of feces and waste. You need to take care of your health so for this job you need to wear a mask to cover up the odor and also gloves. Second, look for a pipe that is shaped like a T. This pipe is called a baffle pipe and this pipe is where the filter is housed.

Step 3 Spraying Down The Filter

Place the filter on a place where no one will be sprayed and where the waste and the water will not fall on anyone. Keep hosing until you are not able to see any kind of waste on the filter. Make sure to keep the water from spraying in your eyes or in someone else’s eyes.

Step 4 Placing The Filter Into The Baffle Pipe

After you have cleaned the septic tank filter you need to put it back in place. Verify that the filter is not damaged in any way. Then put it back into the baffle pipe.

Step 5 Replacing The Cover

Make sure to replace the cover securely. This is for the protection of others around you.
Tips for ensuring the proper functioning of the septic tank include cleaning the filter at least once a year. Also make sure not to throw any objects in to the sewer as this will eventually harm the septic tank or will clog it. Solid substances need to be periodically pumped out of the septic tank to avoid any buildups. If there are buildups this can cause water to over flow your yard. People with small children should keep an eye on them, to make sure that children do not flush toys down the toilet. Children flushing things down the toilet is a common way to clog septic tanks.



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