New Septic System – Puyallup

New Septic System


When considering new septic system design and installation, the services offered by VAC-TEC are second to none. We are a leading septic company that has worked tirelessly to become recognized as a capable and reliable name for new septic system installations throughout Washington state.

Feel free to call us when you need:

  • a septic system installed for new construction
  • to replace a septic system currently installed
  • your septic system updated after making home additions

We handle all aspects of the project, from septic system sizing to new septic system layout to site evaluation, leach field and septic tank installation.



The septic tank is a key component of any septic system because it holds the waste generated daily on that property. We understand the immense importance of a septic tank that has been installed properly.

Improper septic tank installation can result in premature failure of the system and may create frequent sewage backups. Allow us at VAC-TEC to professionally handle the intricacies of septic tank installation. You can be assured that we will implement a high performing system with minimal problems in the future.

Contact us today for a free estimate of the septic tank installation cost (253)777-4884



VAC-TEC also completes jobs that require full replacement of septic systems and/or essential components of the system. As professionals, you will feel fully confident that we will replace your septic system pump, drain field, or septic tank in a fast, accurate and economical way.

Indications that you might require a new septic system:

  • Frequent backups
  • Extremely strong odor
  • Standing water
  • Slow drainage

Choose VAC-TEC LLC to replace your septic system. Call (253) 777-4887.