Drain Field Repair – Elk Plain

Septic Drain Field Elk Plain


Count on the pros at Vac-Tec LLC when you have septic drain field problems in Elk Plain, WA. When your septic drain field is experiencing issues, your entire septic system can quit working. The septic drain field is the last step in the wastewater process.

That is why it is essential for it to work efficiently. We can handle commercial as well as residential septic drain field problems. You can expect the highest quality drain field repair at the most reasonable rates.

When you call our septic drain field technicians, you not only get your repairs done in a timely and professional manner, you will also be educated about your septic system.

We want to help our clients avoid septic drain field problems in the future. We offer:

  • Professional recommendations
  • Free estimates
  • Superior workmanship

Drain Field Repair Elk Plain


Septic drain field problems, if left ignored, can result in costly drain field repair or replacement. To save money and hassles, call us for prompt drain field repair in Elk Plain. Regardless of the size of your drain field, you can rely on us for expert drain field repair services in Elk Plain.

Below are the signs that it is time for drain field repair:

  • Sewage back up
  • Slow working showers or sinks
  • Mushy or wet ground by drain field
  • Grass over the drain field is green

No matter how big or small the problem, we can diagnose it and perform the right drain field repair.

Elk Plain Leach Field Repair


If your property relies on a septic system for wastewater treatment, you likely have some knowledge on how the septic system works. However, did you know that the leach field one of the crucial components of the entire system?

When you need professionals who specialize in leach field repair, it is important that you choose a reputable septic company. We believe that you should choose us for your leach field repair needs in Elk Plain because we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the leach field repair job done right, and at a price that will meet your budget.

Below are a few other benefits of choosing us for leach field repair:

  • Friendly team
  • Clean job site
  • 24/7 emergency response

For any further information regarding our leach field repair services for Elk Plain homes and commercial properties, please call Vac-Tec LLC at (253) 777-4887.