New Septic System Seattle

New Septic System Seattle


When it is time to install a new septic system in your Seattle, WA property, look no further than Vac-Tec, LLC. We work on new construction projects and also replace current septic systems that are broken down or outdated.

With our vast experience in new septic system installation in Seattle and beyond, we know that the job is not to be taken lightly. Our installation work addresses addresses all factors, including the:

  • Location of the septic system
  • Size of septic tank and drain field
  • Regulatory codes governing the project
  • Plumbing issues that may arise
  • Environmental impact of the system

Call us for a free estimate to see how much our new septic system cost compares to other contractors in the area.

Septic Tank Installation Seattle


Aside from handling complete projects for new septic system design and installation, we provide expert services for septic tank installation and replacement.

Many property owners do not realize that septic tank installation is not as simple as it appears to be. Many may not know, for example, that septic tanks can burst if not installed properly.

Do not risk your investment and create hassles for yourself down the road. Let us handle your septic tank installation job in Seattle. We hire technicians who are:

  • Highly trained
  • Equipped with the proper tools
  • Capable of fixing issues that may arise during the project

We assure you that our septic tank installation cost is a great investment in the peace of mind that our seamless services will bring you.

Replace Septic Systems Seattle


A septic system will work optimally if its tank gets pumped and cleaned every 3-5 years. Still, you will eventually need to replace the septic system on your Seattle property.

Wear and tear due to aging is one of the most common reasons why you would have to replace septic system. However, you might have to consider getting a new septic system when there is a significant increase in usage of the plumbing system in your building.

If you notice any of these signs, you should call us to replace your septic system ASAP:

  • Constant pipe backups
  • Frequent septic tank issues
  • Contaminated well water

We dispatch our technicians as soon as possible to inspect your septic system. Our experts assess its condition carefully to determine if it is necessary to replace the septic system pump or the entire system. Whatever the case, we conduct the replacement after your approval and with the utmost precision. Your new septic system will be working perfectly in no time.

Do you need to replace a septic system on your property or want a new septic system installed? If you need septic tank installation services in Seattle, call Vac-Tec, LLC at (206) 339-0039.