New Septic System Elk Plain

New Septic System Elk Plain


Septic tanks are a necessity for homes without a connection to the municipal sewer system. If your property is having problems with its septic system for treating underground wastewater, a new septic system installation that’s highly efficient and self-contained will solve issues of wastewater disposal in a less environmental disruptive manner.

Due to the simple design, efficient working, onsite underground septic tank installation in the back or front yard can save lots of money on laying miles of sewer line. To replace septic systems and new septic tank installation, VAC-TEC is a name you can trust for your Elk Plain, WA property.

If you are planning to include a new septic system or replace a septic system that is malfunctioning, hire a professional septic contractor for new septic system installation.

  • Septic system installation needs permits and paperwork
  • Concrete septic tanks are very heavy
  • Installation requires digging and plumbing

If you do not know who to choose as the company for new septic system installation in your Elk Plain property, call us. We are the right company for the job!

Septic Tank Installation Elk Plain


Septic tanks are installed underground along with a soil absorption system called a drain field. When something goes wrong with the system, you may need a new septic tank installation or partial replacement of existing components.

The process is fairly simple but needs experienced and skilled professionals to install the new septic system properly. Advantages of timely replacement:

  • Prevents potential accidents
  • Preserves the septic field
  • Saves money in the long-run
  • Helps maintain health and hygiene

We have a competent and trained team for certified septic tank installation operations available 24/7, 365 days a year for septic and sewer emergencies.

Replace Septic Systems Elk Plain


Like everything else, septic systems have a limited lifespan. Under certain circumstances, you will be required to replace septic systems. Reasons for a failing septic system include design, size, installation, improper maintenance, soil composition, water table, and vegetative growth.

You must be thinking how to know it’s time to replace septic systems? Look for these signs:

  • Persistent odor
  • Wet spots on the ground or surfacing sewage
  • Murmuring sounds in the plumbing system
  • Slow draining processes

We can inspect and determine whether you require a new septic tank system or need to replace components of the existing system. In case you notice any signs of septic system failure immediately contact us.

To replace septic systems or installing a new septic system in Elk Plain call VAC-TEC (253) 777-4887.