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Septic Drain Field Edgewood


Many people with septic system problems such as slow running tubs and sinks, gurgling drains, sewage backups and water pooling in their yard assume that their septic tank is at fault. The primary cause of septic system problems is the septic drain field becoming blocked.

A septic drain field is responsible for distributing the effluent that collects in the septic tank, letting it filter into the soil. A septic drain field problem can be inconvenient and costly, and the best way to reduce the disruption to your life is to identify and fix small problems before they become big.

Below are the signs that indicate that a septic problem is specific to the septic drain field:

  • Scum floating above the baffles of the septic tank
  • Liquid wastewater floating above the distribution box outlet
  • Any waste water discharge to the surface of the septic system

Contact Vac-Tec LLC if you start to notice any of the above telltale signs. We provide professional, reliable septic drain field repair in Edgewood, WA and its surrounding areas.

Drain Field Repair Edgewood


With years of experience, we are proud to be a premier source for drain field repair in the Edgewood area. We take great pride in offering a fast, affordable drain field repair to Edgewood clients, done with minimal disruption to their daily operations.

We thoroughly determine the cause of the problem and use the latest equipment and methods to make an appropriate drain field repair or drain field replacment. We can also help you arrange a preventative maintenance schedule to keep your drain field working efficiently.

A properly functioning drain field is essential for:

  • Maintaining hygiene
  • Preventing health risks
  • Proper waste water treatment

Edgewood Leach Field Repair


The need for a leach field repair can be very unsettling and waiting to get repairs can only worsen the problem. Given that septic systems are such a crucial component to any sewage system, it is essential to get leach field repair you can rely on.

When you are in need of prompt leach field repair in Edgewood, call us. We have years of experience offering leach field repair services to homeowners and commercial property owners. We can schedule a leach field repair service at a time that best suits you.

We offer:

  • Free leach field repair cost estimates
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Impeccable customer service

If you have any questions or need immediate drain field repair in Edgewood, please contact Vac-Tec LLC by giving us a call at (253) 777-4887.