New Septic System Burien

New Septic System Burien


Are you searching for an experienced septic company to handle your septic tank installation project in Burien, WA? Are you looking for skilled professionals you can rely on to provide seamless services for new septic system design and installation?

Vac-Tec, LLC is the expert to call. We are a full-service septic company that has established itself as the most trusted source for all types of septic installations. There are primarily three situations when you would need to call us for new septic system installation services in Burien:

  • Constructing a property that is not on city sewers
  • Making home additions
  • Dealing with a failing septic system

No matter why you call us, count on us to take complete care of your new septic system installation project. From septic system sizing to site evaluation to system design and actual installation of the new septic system, we do it all.

Septic Tank Installation Burien


A septic tank is one of the key elements of a septic system. It is a sealed, underground container that receives wastewater from the property. The solid waste settles down at the bottom and liquid is released into the drain field. Septic tank pumping needs to be done at periodic intervals to ensure the wastewater disposal process continues to work.

When seeking septic tank installation, Burien residents must make sure to get a tank big enough to handle waste on their specific property. They should also take care to hire proven pros like us to get the septic tank installation done right.

Such diligence on the septic tank installation project assures property owners of a septic system that:

  • Works efficiently
  • Does not require frequent pumping
  • Is reliable and keeps their property hygienic

We assure you of seamless and affordable septic tank installation services. Call us for a free estimate on septic tank installation cost.

Replace Septic Systems Burien


A common dilemma for property owners who experience recurring septic issues is whether or not to replace a septic system or have it repaired yet again. We can help.

With our vast experience in the septic industry, we are the ideal people to guide you on the decision to replace a septic system on your Burien property. We suggest that you replace your septic system only if repairs wonÕt work. If thatÕs the case, we replace each septic system with:

  • A highly trained crew
  • Quality materials
  • Cutting-edge tools
  • Due attention to local codes

Call Vac-Tec, LLC at (206) 339-0039 to replace a septic system pump or to install a new septic system on your Burien property.