Dry Well Repair Spanaway

Dry Well Repair Spanaway


When property owners require dry well repair services near the Spanaway, WA area, they need not look any further than VAC-TEC, LLC! We offer repair solutions to keep the dry well system in homes and commercial properties working efficiently.

When the dry well fails, immediate repair is required because it is one of the main channels for rainwater run-off to flow safely away from the building. In case of dry well problems in your property, the yard, driveway, and other paved surfaces can fill up with water.

Dry wells are in older homes. A dry well system typically consists of a big hole in the ground with porous walls through which stormwater runoff percolates into the soil which is secured with heavy-duty metal grates. Although the underground drainage system is simple, it does need regular maintenance.

Otherwise, dry well problems may surface due to:

  • Deposition of soil and debris
  • Accumulation of leaves
  • The buildup of sediments, soap, and scum



A dry well system is no doubt a fantastic drainage option to rid your property of unwanted water in your yard. To keep your investment in this drainage system as well as your property protected, you need to be proactive and have dry well problems fixed as soon as they crop up.

Some tell-tale signs that should alert you to the possible malfunctioning of the dry well system in your Spanaway area property include:

  • A pool of water on your lawn
  • Slow drainage
  • Dry well backing up

If you observe any of these indications of trouble in your dry well system, call us immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency services for dry well repair.



Regular dry well maintenance is the best way to preserve the efficiency and longevity of the system. However, there can still be issues in its functioning. Handle any dry well problems in your Spanaway area property quickly.

We can help. Our experienced dry well repair technicians:

  • Provide efficient solutions
  • Are equipped with appropriate tools
  • Finish work without needless delays

Is water accumulating inside your dry well system and not draining as fast it should? That is one of the symptoms of growing dry well problems. Lose no time in calling our dry well repair specialists to your Spanaway property.

Hire us for dry well repair and maintenance to enjoy a hassle-free yard drainage system.

Call VAC-TEC LLC at (253) 777-4887 for quick and reliable dry well repair services around Spanaway.