Dry Well Repair Tumwater

Dry Well Repair Tumwater


If you are seeking quick, effective, lasting and affordable dry well repair service in the Tumwater, WA, area, your search ends with VAC-TEC LLC. A dry well system is a popular yard drainage system installed to dispose of stormwater run-off.

Its efficient functioning is essential for directing this excess water safely away from the property, and preventing:

  • Slipping hazards in the yard
  • Rotting of lawn and plantings
  • Soil erosion in the landscape
  • Foundation damage or basement flooding

Call us for dry well repair whenever you observe your drainage system is not working as effectively as it should. We have technicians with a professional understanding of the functioning of a dry well system and vast experience in resolving dry well problems. Our highly skilled crew makes us the foremost source for dry well repair services in the Tumwater area.



Our company provides comprehensive dry well repair services. We can be called in by residential as well as commercial property owners to resolve issues in their dry well system. We have the skills, experience, and resources for taking care of all types of dry well problems, big or small.

Among the many issues that our technicians fix with the dry well system on area Tumwater properties include:

  • Clogging of dry well lid
  • The collapse of dry well walls
  • Debris buildup sealing the dry well

Do not hesitate to give us a call no matter what the problem might be with your dry well system. Let our experts assess its condition and decided upon the most suitable dry well repair solution. Rest assured restoring the drainage system to normal flow and function will happen quickly.



Professional installation and regular cleaning go a long way in minimizing dry well problems. Still, you cannot expect the dry well system in your home or business property to last forever without repairs.

Place a call to us when you encounter dry well problems in your Tumwater area property. Whether the system has collapsed or is draining slowly, our dry well repair specialists have you covered. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency services for resolving dry well issues.

Moreover, we make the repairs:

  • Correctly
  • Using quality materials
  • For a fair price
  • In a very professional manner

Reach out to VAC-TEC LLC if you are having dry well problems on your Tumwater area property. Call our dry well repair crew at (253) 777-4887.