Septic Drain Field Lakewood

Septic Drain Field Lakewood


The drain field, also known as a leach field, is a vital component of a septic system installed on properties not connected to city sewers. The function of septic drain fields in any Lakewood, WA area property is to filter the wastewater flowing from the septic tank into the surrounding soil.

This filtration not only neutralizes the dangerous pathogens in the waste but also adds nutrients to the ground.Over time, issues can develop within your septic drain field to hamper its efficient functioning.

Place a call to VAC-TEC LLC when you encounter any problems and need septic drain field repair in Lakewood.We are the leading source for septic services in this area. Our company provides comprehensive leach field repair.

Among the common snags that our septic drain field repair experts are called to fix:

  • Clogged or broken pipes
  • Over-saturated leach field
  • Tipped effluent D-box



Delay in addressing septic drain field problems can result in messy sewage backups into your building and bring your household activities or business to an abrupt halt. It is essential to restore a leach field to a normal working condition as quickly as possible.

Equally important is to ensure that septic drain field repair done in your Lakewood area property provides a lasting solution to the underlying issue.The good news is that we are here to help you keep the septic leach field in top condition.

We understand how critical drain field restoration is for proper waste management in any property. Therefore, we:

  • Offer 24/7 services for drain field repair
  • Send only seasoned technicians to perform leach field repair
  • Do drain field repair work that stands the test of time

Give us a call the moment you suspect a drain field problem on your property.



We realize that the quality of our leach field repair work impacts the health as well as the budget of our customers. Being the most reputable, ethical, service-oriented and dependable leach field repair company serving the Lakewood area, we are committed to ensuring excellence in every aspect of any job we do.

When you choose us over our competitors to perform drain field repair in your home or commercial property, count on us for:

  • Prompt scheduling of the job
  • Professional repairs
  • Jobsite cleanup

Contact us for a free and honest estimate on leach field repair cost.

Make VAC-TEC LLC your first call for leach field repair services in the Lakewood area. Reach us today at (253) 777-4887!