Dry Well Repair Duvall

Dry Well Repair Duvall

dry-well-repair-duvall-waA dry well system is an underground water drainage system that collects runoff from roofs, driveways, and the yard. In some homes, dry wells are also used to move gray water coming from baths, kitchen sinks, and washing machines.

If you have a dry well installed on your property that has problems, call VAC-TEC, LLC for dry well repair in the Duvall, WA area. Dry wells come in various sizes and complexities but the function remains the same.

The water is screened before it passes into the soil. The screens often get blocked with debris, soap, scum, and lint which may lead to dry well problems. Call us to:

  • Identify the dry well problem
  • Keep the dry well functioning smoothly
  • Provide affordable service


dry-well-system-duvall-waNot all properties are suitable for a dry well system in the Duvall area. To figure out which drainage system is suitable for your property, compare the working of dry well vs. French drain.

A French drain is a trench filled with gravels and resembles a horizontal dry well that is not covered. A French well can also be directed into a dry well system.

If you have a dry well system and it is showing signs of the need for repairs, give us a call. Indications that your dry well system in your Duvall area needs dry well repair services are:

  • Well backing up
  • The decrease in water holding capacity
  • Slow draining

We are here to help you restore your dry well system to its most productive state.


dry-well-problems-duvall-waHomeowners have options for choosing an appropriate outdoor drainage system for their homes. For those of you who have a dry well system and are facing dry well problems in your Duvall area home, our expert technician are always ready to help.

We are trusted for dry well repair services because:

  • We employ skilled professionals
  • Use the most advanced equipment
  • Apply the latest technology and know-how

The dry well system relies on gravity and directs the flow of water into the ground. It is safe and does not often have problems if it is maintained properly. Sometimes dry well problems happen and you need reliable dry well repair professionals. Call us quickly to have your dry well problems fixed.

For dry well repair services in the Duvall area, call the experts at VAC-TEC, LLC at (206) 339-0039. Our knowledgeable technicians have a thorough know-how of dry well systems and their issues.