How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need to Rent?

15 Mar How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need to Rent?

For most Customers, the portable Restroom is a part of big events or outdoor places or construction site. It is an industry standard to have 1 portable restroom for every 30 people on site. It makes sense to have portable toilets as the event isn’t permanent, so permanent restroom structures aren’t called for. These aren’t the only places where portable toilets can come in handy, however. Its not uncommon for smaller party’s to also need porta pottys. Even a large house party can benefit from an extra toilet. If you are planning an event where there will not be access to indoor facilities, or if the number of indoor facilities is too small for your estimated attendance, you should consider renting portable toilets. To learn more about Porta Potty rental WA, follow the link.

But how many portable toilets should you get? You have to take into account several different things when making this calculation. The first thing you need to decide is how many people, maximum, will be at the event at a time. If you’ve got 30 guests, you’ll need one toilet, if you have 100, you’ll need 3, and if you have 1,000, you’ll need 33. The longer the event, the more toilets you should provide. You can assume that your guests will need to use the facilities once every three or four hours. Smaller party sizes, one or two additional toilets will get the job done, but with larger numbers, you’ll need to add more Portable toilets.

You will need to change this number with the following situations. For example, you also need to consider how many women will be attending the event. You should be ready to add one or two Women only toilets to your total needs to accommodate your female guests if they are at least half of your total party. Check out our portable restrooms prices

If there is consumption of alcohol you will also need to modify your numbers. Alcohol makes people urinate more often 30 to 40 percent more often. The number of restrooms will also need to rise if your guests will be drinking. The number you need to add will vary based on the other factors involved, but you should plan for an additional 10 percent or more.

If the portable toilets will be used to supplement the restrooms available, you can count those permanent facilities as part of your total. For example, if your home has two restrooms, you can decrease your calculated need by two. And don’t forget hand sanitation. People like to be able to wash their hands after using the facilities, but this is often ignored when arranging for outdoor facilities. Read more about portable toilets Puyallup.

You may also need to consider persons with disabilities when making your porta potty plans. Of course, if you know for a fact that no disabled persons will be at the event, such as at a private party the guests to which you all know personally, you won’t need to make arrangements for them. For any event that will include guests you do not know, though, you should be prepared to accommodate guests with physical disabilities in the form of accessible portable toilets.


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