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08 Feb Septic System Inspection RSS O&M Real Estate


Getting your Septic tank Pumped and Inspected in Pierce County WA

Step 1: Get your septic inspected and pumped

Contact a certified septic service company and request an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) inspection and pumping of tank(s).

Find a list of certified companies at

Be sure to tell the company that the inspection is for the sale of the property.

The company’s O&M inspection report is valid for six months.

Step 2: Submit RSS application with fee

You can submit your application online by creating an account at

Or, you can complete an application in person or by mail. Include check or money order.

Print applications at

Step 3: Expect a visit

Health department staff will visit your property to inspect the drain field and reserve areas

and to ensure your system complies with requirements.

Step 4: Get your RSS report

We will fax or mail the completed report to the person named on the application.

Online applicants will receive the report via email only.

How can I pay for the RSS fees online?

Visa or MasterCard

How long does it take to get the RSS report?

Ten business days if the application is complete and no septic system deficiencies are found.

We process applications in the order they are received.

Does the septic tank need to remain uncovered for the health department inspection?


How long is the RSS report valid?

12 months from the date issued.

Does the septic tank have to be pumped prior to the property sale?

Yes, we require that all tanks are pumped by a certified septic company at the time of inspection.

Who can submit the RSS application?

The current home owner, buyer, real estate agent or agent for the escrow company can submit

The RSS application.

Can the septic service company submit the RSS application?

Check with the septic company to see if they offer this service. Clarify with the septic company

if they will submit the RSS application for you or if they will only upload their required O&M

Inspection report.

What if there is more than one septic system on the parcel?

We require a RSS application for each septic system on the parcel. If you submit both applications at the same time, the second RSS application is eligible for a discounted fee.

Why do both the septic company and the health department inspect the system?

The certified septic company inspects the septic system for mechanical operations, defects and proper function. The health department inspects the drain field and reserve areas and ensures that the system complies with requirements.

What happens if we don’t get the RSS completed?

The property owner is responsible to complete the RSS prior to the sale of their property.  Closing your sale without getting the RSS is a violation of our Health Code and will lead to enforcement actions. This may include a recording of non-compliance against the property title.  We will notify the new legal owner of the violation and he or she will be required to complete the RSS.  It is in the best interest of the property owner to complete the RSS prior to sale to avoid potential septic system liabilities after sale.



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